Chain of Command

Words and Music composed and arranged by Danny Kroonen:

all instruments, vocals, rhythm programming

Mixed by Danny Kroonen

Mastering by Jeffrey de Gans (Da Goose Music)


A dead-end street in this quiet town
A whisper in the dark...
Her eyes on me, my eyes on her
Must we say goodbye?

She doesn't know what the voices say
but I can hear them clearly now:
'You have got to say goodbye. A reason why she's still alive?'

I mustn't do this, must let her breathe
I can't let go of what they need
I must do this, mustn't let her leave
I'm confused as to which wolf to feed...

'Accept your loss, don't wait!'

They choose the darkness over light
They choose the darkness all the time
They have their ways of holding on
They have been here for so long

Can you breathe, my love?
Can you hear me, love? 

Information for Music Licensing purposes:

Dark and ominous track about a man who hears voices in his head that urge him to cause someone harm.
Slow but driving rhythm section with percussion. Haunting guitar and synthesizer parts, synthbass and soundeffects.
Male vocals and whispers, police-radio in intro. Would work well for film (noir). Instrumental version available.