The Waiting

Words and Music composed and arranged by Danny Kroonen:

synths, sequencing, vocals

Mixed by Danny Kroonen

Mastering by Jeffrey de Gans (Da Goose Music)


A whisper and a smile when she looked at the door
and noticed him leaving...
I avoid to make a scene
Study the cover of a  magazine, with my heart bleeding...
How could we let it come this far?

I was never one to kick and scream
Never one to go and play it mean, but I'm scheming...
Avoiding tricks she played on me
Avoiding tricks she played on him, but I'm feeling...

The time is right for me

The vacant look
There's no reply
to how I feel about long goodbyes
And there she goes...

Information for Music Licensing purposes:

A dark edged mysterious song with a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters touch about a man and woman not being able to communicate and sitting in silence with feelings of unease.
Sung from the man's perspective. Synthesizer, bass, violin and choir.
Would work well in emotional scenes. Instrumental version available.