Twin Souls

Duet (Ballad)

Words & Music composed and arranged by Danny Kroonen:

synths, piano, rhythm programming, vocals


Emma Thwaite: vocals

Erwin Huigen: bass

Mixed by Danny Kroonen & Jeffrey de Gans

Mastering by Jeffrey de Gans (Da Goose Music)


Here, as darkness now descends upon this frozen land
I write to who once was my love
You have never left my heart

And fear is building up inside as I travel towards the light
I wish that we could meet again...
Just to make amends 

I have never seen this place before
I have never felt this pain before 

And the day that saw you leaving
had the coldest night I've known 

Why can't we always be the ones we were? 

Here, I speak to you, my love
My body's been laid to rest...
And now, from where I am I try
to reach your broken heart 

They say that when you die there's no
such thing as 'Light & Love'
I am here and waiting for your soul
to reunite with mine 

I have seen this place before
And I might leave here just once more  

And the day I saw you leaving
was the longest I have known  

Why can't we always be the ones we were? 

I feel it's almost over
I must let go to discover 

Will there be light for all eternity?

Information for Music Licensing purposes:

A melancholic ballad (duet) about lost love and longing for contact, with spiritual elements in the lyrics.
This track would work well in (melo-) dramatic scenes, films and series.
Orchestral arrangement with male and female vocals, piano, synthesizer, bass and sparse rhythm track.